Shutter Feeder

TYPE PIECES : Parts of round and square bar  

DIAMETER MIN/MAX :  20 mm - 65 mm / 40 mm - 95 mm

LENGHT MIN/MAX : 2 x ø -> 500 mm

  • Structure welded steel, suitably treated and processed, inside of which is formed the containment tank pieces, approximately 500 liters capacity. All surfaces subject to friction of the parts are wear-resistant steel.
  • Group disentangling anti-accumulation, positioned inside the tank, operated pneumatically by special oversized cylinders.


  • Rug vertical, for part removal from the bath, consisting of shutters with a width of 800 mm approximately handled by three chains to double fins step 1 ".


  • Carrier selection on which the parts are automatically downloaded from the blinds, the pieces oriented longitudinally, are conveyed to subsequent operations, the remainder is recycled into the tank.


  • Conveyor chain, placed in line with the carrier selection, having the function of stock at the exit of the elevator assembly.


  • Tipper group (OPTIONAL), hydraulically operated power supply attached to the structure, the side protected by grill guards structures and photo-electric barriers to CE standards. Its operation is managed by a specific photocell which controls the level of the parts within the feeder bowl.