metal carpentry

CAD/CAM system

Through a drawing or a file in .dwg or .dxf you can act on the production of details.
The technical department also allows highly qualified to help the client in the development of the details desired by the creation of 3D computer models.
The internal network CAD / CAM allows you to program CNC machines with maximum precision and speed: thanks to it, the description of the details to be performed is sent to the center of punching or laser in real time.

Laser cutting

Thanks to the unit laser cutting CY-Laser with great flexibility, we are able to produce parts of any
shape, with extremely small tolerances, both for sale and manufacturing purposes.
The center of the cutting unit is composed of a 2500 Watt with a surface area of  2000 x 6000 and
4 loading unit capable of working in a continuous cycle without supervision.


Shearing allows cutting sheets unshaped.

Punching system

The FINN-POWER punch center allows you to work with thicknesses up to 6 mm working area 1250 x 2500.
The portal loading and unloading plates machined LUR enables automatic processing in continuous cycle

Press brake

The artifacts after the cutting operation are subjected tobending to be shaped as required by the customer.
For this purpose are used hydraulic bending CNC 30 to 250 tn working range from 1600 to 4000 mm.


If required the parts are assembled with the possibility to add special semi-finished, by welding
electrode, TIG / MIG.
The finishing department and assembly allows you to provide the required product in its final form, with processing
tapping, deburring, grinding, painting and assembling with parts supplied by the customer or provided by ourselves
at his request.