Blades Feeder EBQ

TYPE PIECES : Part of round or square bar

DIAMETER MIN/MAX :  60 mm - 150 mm

LENGHT MIN/MAX : 2 x ø -> 800 mm

  • Structure welded steel, suitably treated and processed, inside of which is formed the containment tank pieces, approximately 500 liters capacity. All surfaces subject to friction of the parts are wear-resistant steel.
  • Moving blades, operated independently by means of appropriate hydraulic cylinders, wear-resistant steel, and guided laterally by means of shoes, with associated guides, ball recirculation. A specific photocell controls the presence pieces on the intermediate portion of passage from one blade to another, determining the working cycle of the individual blades. The system is equipped with a control unit for automatic lubrication of the guides.
  • Fixed blade, for the intermediate step between the two blades.
  • Device for the selection pieces to the discharge of the second blade, operated by hydraulic cylinders and adjustable manually by means of a single operation at the exchange type, having the function of dose and orienting the pieces, on the conveyor.
  • Conveyor chain, fixed speed, to transport parts to drain power supply to the oven. The carrier may reverse the direction of travel and by means of a special conveyor unloading the pieces in excess remained inside the tank at the end of the cycle.
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Rear platform support man for recording the variation of the diameter of the piece, with its scale servo locked gate full of micro mechanical reel lock to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Tipper group (OPTIONAL), hydraulically operated power supply attached to the structure, the side protected by grill guards structures and photo-electric barriers to CE standards. Its operation is managed by a specific photocell which controls the level of the parts within the feeder bowl.