Staicase Feeder

TYPE PIECES : Part of round or square bar

DIAMETER MIN/MAX :  30 mm - 250 mm

LENGHT MIN/MAX : 1000 mm -> 2500 mm

  • Structure welded steel, suitably treated and processed, inside of which is formed the guide containment pieces. All surfaces of the parts are subject to friction wear steel.
  • Belt lift consists of crosspieces to "L" suitable to contain pieces, bound in chains driven by a motor at a fixed speed. The pitch control is regulated by microswitches positioned to read the camshaft that rotates together with the shaft.
  • Pusher group, for unloading the pieces from the crosspieces driven by a variable speed geared motor through an inverter. The pusher is operated for complete emptying of the cross bar at intermediate stops planned.
  • Accumulation conveyor chain, fixed speed, for the transport of the pieces from the exhaust of the beams to the reheating furnace and is equipped with micro overflow.