Single Blade Feeder E.L.S.P.

TYPE PIECES : parts of round bar

DIAMETER MIN/MAX :  15 mm - 95 mm

LENGHT MIN/MAX : 2 x ø -> 600 mm

  • Welded steel frame suitably treated and processed, inside of which is formed the containment tank of the pieces, the capacity of about 250 liters.
  • The blade lifting pieces is driven by a motor with its torque limiter.
  • The selection system parts, adjustable manually to the change of type, is placed outside of the discharge point of the blade and has the function to select the pieces oriented and postpone the other inside the tank.
  • The chain conveyor arrange the transfer of the pieces of the exhaust from the blade to the axis of feed.
  • All surfaces of the parts are subject to friction wear steel.



  • Group tipper (OPTIONAL), hydraulically operated, anchored to the feeder structure, protected structures laterally by grilling accident and photo-electric barriers to EC standards. Its operation is managed by a specific photocell which controls the level of the parts within the feeder bowl.