Pneumatic Multiblades Feeder

TYPE PIECES : Parts of round bars or exagonal nuts

DIAMETER MIN/MAX :  10 mm - 65 mm

LENGHT MIN/MAX : 1,5 x ø -> 400 mm

NUTS MIN/MAX : 1/2" - 2"

  • Structure welded steel suitably treated and processed, inside of which is formed the hopper containment pieces having a capacity of 100 liters about
  • Movable blades, wear resistant material, which is secured by sliding bearing and guides recirculating ball moved pneumatically through special cylinders. The pieces are pre-selected by an appropriate selector which connects the passage between the last blade and the conveyor;
  • A further device not select any pieces oriented and recycles them via a chute terminating inside the tank.


  • Tipper group (OPTIONAL), hydraulically operated, protected by side guards barbecue facilities. The operation is managed by a specific photocell which controls the level of the parts within the feeder bowl.