Multiblades Feeder

TYPE PIECES : part of round and square bar

DIAMETER MIN/MAX :  10 mm - 65 mm

LENGHT MIN/MAX : 1,5 x ø -> 400 mm

  • The structure of the power supply is made of welded steel, suitably treated and processed.


  • The parts in contact with the work pieces are tempered and / or constructed with wear-resistant material.
  • The hopper for the containment of the pieces, having a useful capacity of 200 liters, is made within the structure.


  • The group of mobile blades transmits the movement to the lengths. Driven by geared motor through inverter, is formed by blades mounted on ground guides sliding on recirculating ball bearings.


  • The group selector ensures the inclusion of the pieces correctly aligned on the conveyor introduction.


  • The conveyor belt pivoting, with manual adjustment, is driven by a motor at a fixed speed